Walleye Lures

Looking to catch more walleye? Here are some of our products that will help you get the job done!

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Crawler Harnesses and Componentsweb1 blades harnesses

Without a doubt, crawler harnesses catch a lot of walleye and some really big ones. Our harnesses are all hand tied using Blood Run Tackle – walleye harness leader material. We use top end components, along with VMC fast grip hooks. Our blades are all hand airbrushed and have an extremely durable clear coat. We have a wide range of colors and different blade styles to suit your needs. You can also purchase all the components you need to make your own deadly combo!



Trigger Blade Baitsblade baits

Our blade baits will catch just about anything that swims. They can be used casting, vertical jigging and even trolling. They can also be deadly throughout the ice fishing season. We have plenty of proven, hand airbrushed colors to catch a lot of different fish under all types of water conditions.

Comes in 3 sizes:

1/4oz. 1/2oz. 3/4oz.



Heavy Weight and Light Weight Spoons

Casting, Jigging and Trollingweb1 - heavy weight spoons

The Heavy Weight spoon is an a great casting and deep water jigging spoon. It has a great wobbling action and can be used for many different fish species. Use it in open water or ice fishing situations.

Comes in 4 sizes:

2″ 1/4oz. 3″ 1/2oz. 4″ 7/8oz. 5″ 1 1/2oz.





web1 - Leight Weight spoons


The Light Weight spoon is a paper thin trolling spoon with a big wobbling action. It can also be used while ice fishing when a slow falling presentation is preferred.

Comes in 4 sizes:

2″ 1/16oz. 3″ 3/16oz. 4″ 5/16oz. 5″ 7/16oz.




Shimmy Spoon

web - shimmy spoons

This is a light weight spoon that has a very unique, slow shake when falling. When used as a jig, the slow falling action mimics a struggling, or injured baitfish. The big fish can’t resist!

The Shimmy Spoon was designed as an ice fishing lure that can be slow jigged or used on a dead stick rod. However, it can also be very effective trolling. Outstanding on walleye, steelhead, brown trout, perch and panfish.




Ice Hunter Minnowweb1 - ice hunter minnow

This slab type jigging spoon is a great lure to use under the ice. It has a slow fluttering action on the fall and can be used for walleye, perch, crappie, pike, trout and salmon.

Comes in 3 sizes:

1/8oz. 1/4oz. 3/8oz.


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